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Submit a URL to the web crawler

This page allows you to submit your own webcam page, web site, or favourite portal. works by using a web crawler to load pages all over the web, following most links to find new web pages, and webcam images on them. You can help "fast track" the fetching and indexing of a web page, by entering it here.


  • The URL must be a HTML page, ie a web page. The crawler finds the image URL(s) itself. Please do not enter a direct image URL here.
  • It is recommended that you enter both your cam page (or portal) URL and web site URL, in 2 separate submissions. This way the crawler finds the cam images, and also indexes the rest of your web site.
  • Entering a URL here does not guarantee that a particular image or images will make it onto the site. An image may be ignored because of a number of factors, including excessive age, not changing for 30 days, or fatal errors when fetching.
  • The crawler can navigate frame based sites. The crawler can NOT yet navigate Javascript menu based sites.
  • Indexing is not instantaneous. It may take a couple of days before the URL you enter is fetched by the crawler, and any images it finds must change at least once after indexing for them to be added to the site. After that, there must be at least two pictures fetched before it will appear. Use the search function (shown at the top of major pages on this site) after a few days, to check if your image has been added to the site yet. If it hasn't appeared after 10 days, please email the URL of your cam page to Please email only if you have submitted your cam page URL (ie the HTML page that your image is on) - if you entered your site URL, it will take significantly longer to find your cam.

Please follow these trailing slash conventions: Not following these conventions may result in fetch errors, or server redirects.
Enter URL:
Please be patient after you submit, as the page is sampled from the remote web server.

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